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Once Upon a Time...

...there was a little girl whose mom rented VHS tapes of golden age musicals and whose dad played folk guitar and sang with his kids. When she was 8 she auditioned for her first musical, and the history!

Emily Castleton 

Emily Castleton is a world-class voice technician, vocal styles and acting coach, voice scientist, and Vocologist. She holds a BFA in Music-Dance-Theater from Brigham Young University and a MM in Vocal Performance-Opera from BYU. Currently, she is a DMA candidate in Contemporary Voice Pedagogy (Science Research) at Shenandoah University, where she is completing her dissertation. She has 22 years of university teaching experience at four universities, and currently works with Music-Theatre and Theatre majors at the University of Utah. 

Emily’s students and former students perform professionally on Broadway, in Broadway touring companies, on cruise ships, at regional theaters, as lead singers in bands, as recording artists, and on television, while others teach professionally at the collegiate and private studio level. She has helped many students successfully prepare for college auditions in music theater, music-ed, music therapy, opera and commercial music programs. She has also helped many students prepare for high school and regional musical theater auditions and competitions. 

Emily has performed worldwide and at many local and regional theaters. She is a member of NATS, PAVA, the Voice Foundation, and is an NCVS-trained Vocologist. She has presented at the Voice Foundation's Annual Symposium in Philadelphia, and has taught classes and presented masterclasses and workshops at different universities and high schools. She also serves as a student/resident editor on the Journal of Voice editorial board.

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