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Education & Professional Training



D.  M. A., Candidate 

Shanendoah University Conservatory

Vocal Pedagogy (Science Track)

M. M., 2013 - 2016

Brigham Young University

Vocal Performance Opera

Bachelors of Fine Arts, 1990 - 1995

Music Dance Theater

Brigham Young University

Professional Certification/Training

Internship with Matt Edwards, Aug - Dec 2021

  • Weekly observation of private instruction

  • Weekly observation of group voice

Soul Ingredients, Levels 1 and 2, 2022

  • Dr. Trineice Robinson

  • Learning how to develop your authentic voice

  • Training in diversity, equity, inclusion, and appropriation

  • 6-day intensive

BAM! Black American Music Roots, CCM Institute, 2022

  • Alison Crockett

  • Understanding the rhythmic, stylistic, and historical underpinnings of BAM styles

  • 3-day intensive

Somatic Voice Work, Levels 1 and 2, 2022

  • Jeanie LoVetri

  • Functional voice training

  • 6-day intensive

Diversity, Equity, and Racial Justice Workshop and Training, Mosaic Center, Shenandoah University, 2021

  • Training in Equity, Fairness, and Inclusion

  • Positionality, Intersectionality

  • Implicit Bias Awareness, Racism, Privilege, Allyship

Pilot Group: QEP Program, Quality Enhancement Plan,  Shenandoah University, 2021

  • Using Reflective Structured Dialogue to create a “safe, inclusive, and confidential environment for discussion that respects as valid the views of all involved.”

  • “Complex topics confronted academically with rigor and sensitivity.” (Ruth, 2021)

Acoustic Vocal Pedagogy Workshop, New England Conservatory, 2019

  • 2-day boot camp - fundamentals, 4-day workshop – theory and application

  • Intensive course in vocal, acoustic science and perception, Voce Vista tutorial, and pedagogical application  

  • Instructors: Ian Howell (NEC Vocal Pedagogy Director), Kenneth Bozeman (Practical Vocal Acoustics, Kinesthetic Voice Pedagogy), Chadley Ballantyne (Stetson University), Bodo Maass (Creator Sygyt software and Voce Vista Video Pro)

NCVS Certified Trained Vocologist, Summer Vocology Institute, University of Utah, 2018

  • 8-week, graduate-level daily intensive in Vocology - the science and practice of voice habilitation

  • 4-separate graduate level courses for a total of 12 credit hours: Principles of Voice Production, 2) Instrumentation, 3) Voice Habilitation and Rehabilitation, 4) Voice for Performers

  • Instructors: Ingo Titze (Principles of Voice Production), Katherine Verdolini Abbot (Vocology), Marci Rosenberg (The Vocal Athlete), Kate DeVore (The Voice Book), Mindy Pack (Vocal Coach, Nashville), Brian Manternach (NATS Journal, Opera Weekly), and Lynn Maxfield.

  • A Vocologist studies and understands: 1) The science of the voice, including, physics, acoustics, anatomy, and physiology, 2) Practical application of principlesof healthy voice production to assist professional voice users, including singers, actors, public speakers, teachers, etc. 3) How to use Instrumentation for measuring aspects of vocal production 4) How to work with doctors and SLPs in voice rehab.

CCM Institute Graduate, Shenandoah University, 2017

  • Contemporary Commercial Music Institute – a premier professional training

  • 9-day intensive, nine graduate credit hours

  • CCM functional, evidence-based voice training methods, CCM Styles

  • Instructors: Matt Edwards (So You Want to Sing Rock ‘N’Roll, So You Want to Sing Musical Theater), Wendy LeBourgne & Marci Rosenberg (The Vocal Athlete), Dr. Robert Sataloff (Vocal Health and Pedagogy), Marcelle Gauvin (Jazz, Berklee Boston), Jeff Ramsey (Gospel, Berklee Boston)

Sheri Sanders “Rock the Audition” mini-course, Online, and CCM Institute, 2017

  • Study of 8 Popular genres of music tailored for Broadway auditions

  • Study of cultural significance and performance practice

  • How to select, create and perform perfect audition cuts

SLS International Certified Instructor, 2011-2012

  • Speech Level Singing (SLS) founded by Seth Riggs

  • Master teachers: Jeffrey Skouson, Greg Enriquez, Spencer Welch

  • Rigorous certification process with regular testing and training

  • Master class instruction by Seth Riggs

Lisa Popeil’s Voiceworks, Los Angeles, 2019

  • 3-day seminar in the Voiceworks method

Research Certifications/Instrumentation Training:

  • Citi Certification  - This certification allows me to legally participate in studies involving live humans that voluntarily agree to participate

  • Perceptual/Subjective Tests:

    • VRP: Voice Range Profile

    • CAPE-V: Consensus Auditory-Perceptual Evaluation of Voice

    • Voice Handicap Index

    • VAPP: Voice Activity and Participation Profile

  • Instrumentation:

    • Voce Vista, EGG

    • Praat: Spectrograms

    • Sound Level Meter


Post-Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Shenandoah University 2020-2022

  • Included full-tuition scholarship and stipend

Graduate Scholarship & Internship, 2013-2015

  • Awarded by BYU classical voice faculty

First Place, Classical Division, 2014

  • NATS Central Utah Region Competition

Irene Ryan Nomination for Best Actress, 1993

  • BYU Into the Woods/Baker’s Wife

Music Dance Theater Division Scholarship, 1991-92

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