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Zoom Requirements

EC Studios Zoom Login: 939-416-1230


  1. Students need a computer for zoom lessons, a phone for accompaniment and a tablet with sheet music uploaded or printed copies of their songs.  Make sure you have a good internet connection and are singing in a space where you can sing loud without worrying about others hearing you. 

  2. Please add the above number to your contacts list for easy login. Make sure you log into your lesson on an actual computer (laptop or desktop). Do not use iPads/tablets or phones unless absolutely necessary. This is because computers have the best “Original Sound” option and the screen is bigger. 

  3. When you login and are in the waiting room, check in the upper left hand corner that the “original sound option for singers” is “ON.” If original sound is on, I can hear all the high and low timbres and harmonics of your voice. If original sound is off, I will not be able to hear your high and low notes. 

  4. If you are having any problems with logging in text me at 801-921-0475 and I will help you troubleshoot. If you cannot figure out original sound, we will work it together in your lesson. 

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