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Lesson Preparation

Google Drive Shared Folder:


       Each student will have access to a shared Google drive folder. The folder will contain

       subfolders with the following categories:


            1. Lesson Recordings (video)

            2. Sheet Music (PDF’s)

            3. Accompaniment Track

            4. Practice Journal

            5. Repertoire List


Sheet Music

       Websites for Sheet Music:,, amazon, Hal Leonard


       1. Students are expected to purchase sheet music for every song they sing, or procure

           legal copies. 

       2. PDF copies of each song, lyric sheet, and/or chord chart in the correct key must be

           uploaded to the google drive folder before each lesson. Do not email, text or airdrop

           sheet music. The only exception to this is if we choose a song during lesson time. If you

           do not know what key, make your best guess and we will figure out the rest in the


       3. Students must be able to write on their music. If you have a tablet or iPad and can

           write on the music that is great. Otherwise print your music and you can write on it in


       4. Sheet music, lyrics, or chord charts on small screens (phones) is not allowed.



Websites/Apps for accompaniment: Appcompanist, Kara Fun, YouTube

       Students are responsible to provide their own accompaniment for lessons and practice.

       They can choose from the following options:

            1. Karaoke tracks (youtube, or Karafun)

            2. Piano Accompaniment Tracks (youtube, or hire an accompanist to record)

            3. Live accompaniment. You may also bring an accompanist with you to your lessons

            4. All accompaniment tracks must be uploaded to the google drive folder the night

                before your lesson. This includes full length and audition cuts. 

Lesson Recordings


       Each lesson will be recorded on video and uploaded by the teacher to the google drive

       shared folder

Lesson Preparation
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